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Brakes problem...need Help!

Guest wpoll

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Guest wpoll

This may not be the correct forum for this question, but unfortunately it's a last resort.....Iv'e got a 1986 Maserati Spyder (convertible version of the 6 cylinder Bi-Turbo)...these are not complex as one might think....But I'm having a strange brake issue that no one can seem to help me on...when the car is started (without even getting in) the brakes lock up. That's right, the brakes lock up after approximately 2-3 minutes, all without touching the brake pedal. Once the car is shut down, after approximately 30 minutes, the brakes release....strangest damned thing I've ever encoutered...The system is a typical GM American style system utilizing a vaccum power booster, and master cylinder. has anyone out there ever encountered this in any vehicle at all???


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