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1949 Hudson Commodore

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There are serveral Sources for Hudson Parts. I suggest joining the Hudson EssexTerraplane (HET)Club for more Info.Hudson Car Club - Hudson, Essex, Terraplane Cars Membership The HET Club publishes a colorful Bi-Monthly Magazine with a Classified Section, Many Experts providing helpful restoration Tips,Suppliers for New & Used Parts, and much more......

Briefly, Engine Parts available - Dale Cooper 513 821 6200 (No e mail), and Randy Maas, www.21st,(Actually, Randy has a lot of modern update Parts and Hi Performance modifications available where Dale has virtually every replacement Part better then original....

Dry Western Sheet Metal -Stu Coleman406 333 4964, There are More Suppliers....

I have restored several Hudson in my Home Garage. However you are doing a more professional restoration and doing a good Job from the pictures.. We have to fabricate some lower panel rust repair too.

I have bought and sold a couple Parts from your Country using FED X. The only barrier is Shipping is high, but parts are available...Feel free to ask questions....

I hope this helps,

Ol Racer


My name is Eugene, I'm from Russia.

It so happened that I have a small group of enthusiasts set about restoring vintage American cars. (Yes, even in Russia, too, there are shops that specialize in classic American cars :)) Before that, our team is mainly specialized in the repair of modern vehicles.

Very nice to see people here who are keen restoration of vintage cars that are restored with their own hands "live" history. I know how to love the car, to devote all his spare time. So you all know very well.

The problem is that we have here is almost impossible to get spare parts, so you have to restore what we have.

In Russia, uses the metric system of measurement - and most-inch bolts and nuts have to make by hand, since Sales do not.

There is also a problem for information about cars, because these cars have not been used. It is good that there are some online resources as you like your forum, even if it is a language barrier.

For more information about cars, and possibly buy the necessary spare parts decided to turn to you for advice and show what we do.

Currently working on the car Hudson Commodore, 1949, 6 cylinder inline engine, two-door coupe.

That's what he came to us:






And now something like this:



Tomorrow will try to lay out the process of restoration .... more

Sorry for the mistakes in the text - use an online translator :)

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Thank you to all who participated in this discussion and those who help!

I've already registered on the forums, fans of the Hudson. But the necessary parts of the engine is not found ...

There are people who will contact Dale Cooper? I can not get through on the telephone number may be affected by distance.

Some photo:







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Guys who know what color painted engine 262 in 1949 at the Hudson Commodore?

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Thank you!

These photos do not see the second color - light green.

This two-tone Commodore.

KMZ- were you able to obtain the needed engine parts?

very nice!

Where in Russia are you located?

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KMZ- were you able to obtain the needed engine parts?

very nice!

Where in Russia are you located?

Thank you!

Yes, we have found the necessary parts for the engine.

We are located near the city of Volgograd - is the southern part of the country.

Now there is a need for some spare parts:

1) Handle the trunk lid

<a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" ></a>

2) steering linkage assembly

3) Front Shocks

4) Brake Drum

5) steering column

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Hello everyone.

My name is Alexander. I will continue the project.

All this time we were engaged in other cars, it Studebaker Champion and 1950 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 1972.

Work on the Hudson Commodore continues.

During the time that the project has not been updated in the forum, something was done.

Assembled engine, chassis.

Now he's on the move.

We are currently working on making the cabin.


All chrome gave to recover.

Mounted instrument panel.


Made handle trunk opening.


Polished body.

Restoration is like the final stage

Need help finding the missing pieces

1. Front brake drum

2. Wheels, tires, wheel covers.

3. The central part of the steering

4. Starter relay

5. Rear-view mirror (left)

As long as everything seems.

Soon there will be more pictures






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Eugene and Alexander,


The "Hudson Open Forum" is a good place to find parts and information for your Hudson, if you have not joined the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club yet.


Here is the link:


The registration is fairly simple and there is no cost to join.  This forum is run by the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club.

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