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license plate frame


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I haven't judged in years so I will leave the answer to someone else but my theory has always been on an item such as a license frame - if it isn't there, they can't judged it so there cant be any deductions ;). You could always take it off for the show and put it back on afterwards.


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Here is the rule about advertising badges and a license plate from a dealership falls into that catagory.

c. Advertising badges are not acceptable,

regardless of the number or manner in

which they are displayed.

It would be a one point deduction. And with one point being the one that could take you out of the point spread, let's say it makes point number 11 away from the highest scoring vehicle, it isn't a good idea to leave it on the vehicle for judging.

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It sounds, then, that the dealership applied name script they used to put on car's trunks, often by drilling holes, would be a deduction. Correct?...........Bob

Yes, it was decided after much discussion that it would be. Many folks were not thrilled with that decision as you can well imagine. Some felt it was part of the vehicle's history. Some opted to take the one point deduction rather than tackle what might happen if the drilled type were removed.

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"As it could have come from the factory" is the guiding principle. It could not have come from the factory with an advertising license surround or a dealer name plate. In HPOF or DPC those items would be fine.

That answers my next question. Thanks all...........Bob

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