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Not as young as I used to be...


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So after owning my 55 Roadmaster for a grand total of 4-5 weeks I have finally had to admit my youthful exuberance and ambition demands more than my body can deliver. This really wasnt an issue twenty years ago but I creak a little now!

I am keeping the car and the "few weeks" estimate I gave the wife last month when she inquired as to when we could drive it looks like expanding slightly, to many months which is my current guess.

As I still wanted to be on the road I struck lucky and just took possession of a 55 Special for sale locally in beautiful condition. A truly solid car that had a bare metal paint job and too many improvements to name.

Looking forward to being able to participate at the local cruise whilst keeping busy on the Roadmaster...




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As is often the case if you are just looking for a nice driver you are way better off buying a fully functional car. The only time buying a "restorable" car works best is if

1. You enjoy the challenge

2. You have the time

3. You can do most of the work yourself

4. You want to spend more time and money than it's worth

5. You have rocks in your head.


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Thanks guys, appreciated. Amazing how reasonable priced these cars are when compared to some of the "more popular" brands/models. It really does make more sense to try to get the best car you can, I see that now. I was looking forward to the challenge, whatever that means, but think I will prefer the driving to the wrenching.

Chris, yes this was in Front Royal. The previous owner had it 16 years and had all owner info back to new. The car is very original and drives very nice. it was his baby and anything he did, he did well.

Looking forward to its first outing this Friday.


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Chris, know what you mean. We moved from PB in Florida up here two years ago and love it here. Surrounded by horse farms etc. No traffic.

Took the Special out last night and cruised around a little. Found a gas station that sold ethanol free gas and filled 'er up. Drives lovely.

Al, I think a little exercise in my case would go a long way to rectifying the situation!

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When I got my 57 and started the under side work it seemed I was stiffer than I remember back when in the days gone bye and back then never even thought about it. However, I was not going to let this slow me up so I began daily detailed stretching workouts and sit ups with a bench which I should have been doing anyways in the first place all along. After about 2 weeks of this the motion restrictions, tightness and pain were not an issue anymore and made working on the car experience enjoyable once again.

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