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1941 Cadillac Auto Trans Fluid-Service-Advice


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Just brought a 41 Cadillac out of a 25 year slumber. Auto transmission was full to top of dipstick under the floor mat and no leaks evident. Car shifts thru all 4 forward gears-not as smooth as a Turbo 400 in my modern chevrolet but pretty nice for sittting 20+ years.. I have put about 300 miles on it and it drives better each time I take it out. It sometimes clunks when it down shifts from 4th to 3rd. I also have to place it in drive-wait for the trans to lurch and then quickly drop it in revese or else it grinds. If you just try to drop it in reverse it always grinds. I want to change the fluid-does anyone know if our "Dexron" of today is what I should use? Also a source for a filter kit. I'm ordering a transmission repair manual. Can the bands in these transmissions be adjusted with ordinary tools? Any help or suggestions are appreciated

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Guest Straight eight

The behavior of this Hydra-Matic transmission is the way they all behaved. Changing the oil may help your automatic shifting up and down thru the gears, but the action to get in reverse is the way it will always be. It wasn't until the late 50's the easier reverse was put into play.

To obtain Park. just shift to low, hesitate, then pull into reverse, and turn off key.

Voila-park position.!

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