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Guest 89 Maui

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Guest 89 Maui

I have now brought my E026 down to the TCC.

Last night I was under my car trying to locate what connector the TCC solenoid activate input comes in on.

I found 3 connectors entering the transmission -

1st - hood level - drivers side - radiator side of transmission w/ 5 conductors

2nd - floor level - drivers side - on end of transmission w/ 7 conductors

3rd - floor level - passengers side w/ 2 conductors

I have spent most of morning looking through the 89 service manual but have not found reference to the transmission monitoring points or TCC solenoid activation input.

Any help is appreciated.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

If I understand your explanations correctly it's your 1st one. Believe the 2nd is the Transaxle Position Switch and the third is the speed sensor.

Your looking for pins A & D on that TCC connector top front of transaxle by the vacuum modulator.

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