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sale or trade of two 58 buicks

Guest rluke

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Guest rluke

I have two 58 buicks in Colorado that I am thinking of selling or possible trade. One a special 4 door pillar(rust free and nice chrome, not running at the moment) and a century hardtop(running and good interior). I bought these cars to help me with my caballero project here in Australia but due to changing circumstances I dont have the time or money to continue, unfortunately. They are at 58 buick ranch and I have been dealing with Frank for a while now. I am interested in trading or being able to buy a pre 1973 original v8 wagon that I dont have to do much to. I may look at something else. If anyone has any ideas or interest I would like to here from you. Closer to Colorado would be easier. I am hoping to get over there later July/august. Thanks for reading, Rob.GetInline.aspx?messageid=caa5542c-5e60-11e1-b9d0-002264c19752&attindex=5&cp=-1&attdepth=5&imgsrc=cid%3a007401ccf26c%243cee6d30%24C4A8AC17%40AdamsPC&shared=1&hm__login=rluke70&hm__domain=hotmail.com&ip=

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