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58 Limited 4 door on Ebay - I looked at it


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I was the first to look at the car after listing, and thought for sure I'd take it home until I saw it. Because it is a Limited, it is definitely worth restoring, but was rougher than it looks in the pictures. If it was a lesser model it would probably be a parts car. It is a body man's special, but it is legit.

Pros: Original number matching engine, decent upholstery, good glass, most chrome decent (plateable), Trailmaster spotlight, Wonderbar radio with foot switch.

Cons: RUSTY! Inner and outer rockers toast and full of bondo, frame and floor questionable; could not inspect well on flatbed. DS door will need attention, at least. Much of Limited-specific trim damaged or missing - rivets in stainless trim, cracked tail light and fin point, PS front aluminum brake drum destroyed when dragged onto trailer - no wheels so it won't roll! I could not inspect in the trunk as it would not open.

Buick : Other chrome Buick : Other chrome | eBay

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Thanks for the insight. I know it's not worth the $7k they want, but I definitely put in a couple bids last night. I bid on the black Limited there, too...but it is way past where I thought it would be. Considering what I paid for my car, I think I got a deal compared to that one....both of them for that matter.

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