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A couple of weeks ago my NEW '42 Special 46S arrived from Oregon. It is now residing in Indiana after spending it's whole life in the North West and most likely in the Portland area. A pretty nice example of an original unrestored car. It is very solid with just a small rust hole in the drivers floor board. It has some bumps and bruise's but really a decent car. It has the original interior and the seats are covered with likely 50's vintage clear plastic seat covers. Lots of patina! It needs brakes and a change of fluids and gas and it should be ready to roll again. When I return from Concord I will have a chance to work on it!

For what ever reason I am not able to down load any pictures. :confused: If some one would like to try I will e-mail them to you.



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I'm in South Bend. About 2 1/2 hours from Frankfort. While you are in town see if you can make arrangements to see the private collection of cars, memorbilia and toys that is owned by the local undertaker. No Buicks but a pretty impressive collection. In has been 5 to 7 years since I was there so hope it still exists.

See you in South Bend next year for the BCA meet?


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