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62 new yorker engine compartment help

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O.K. After 5 years of owning it, I have finally decided to "freshen up" the engine compartment on my '62 New Yorker. It appears that the first owner has repainted the valve covers. Lokking at paint chips, it appears that they are painted Bermuda Turquoise. If my memory serves me correctly, they were, or should be a green, possibly Willow green.

Also, if anyone has a good picture or pictures of the correct factory colors of the various under hood components it/they would be greatly appreciated. Preferably if possible showing factory decals etc.

In the last 5 years of owning the car, have not seen another to compare with, and all the area cars with a 413, have ram induction, and are orange, which I know isn't correct.

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Guest 62slant6

Andy, to the best of my knowledge the '62 413 motor you described was originally painted chrysler orange. The 318 poly motors we're chrysler red and the 360 motors we're the blue/green color you described. I doubt they ever deviated from that.

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