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AC problem with 307 engine-ac won't run after recharge


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Could be several things. Was the freon level checked? This should be done before adding any, with low and high side manifold guage. Every car model can have differrent low and high side pressures. There should be a decal under the hood on the passenger side in front of the windshield, on the evaporator box, it will state how many pounds of freon and oil the system is suppose to have. Without checking the freon level and the systems condition I can't tell for sure, here are some things. 1)It could have a bad leak,(low freon) hoses are a common area, look for oil, use a freon leak detector though out the system 2) Too much freon. 3) bad cycling switch. 4) bad clutch. 5) clogged orifice tube or clog somewhere in the system. 6) bad fan clutch. Remember low or no oil = compressor failure.

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My Buick Riviera with 307 engine air conditioning doesn't want to cool air. The compressor just clicks, but won't go on. I put 2-3 cans of R12 in. Still no go. Any ideas??:confused:

What does "clicks" mean? Is the clutch engaging? If so, is the compressor turning when it engages? If the clutch engages but the compressor still doesn't turn, then the clutch is likely bad.

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Guest robinhayman

After you replace the blower motor and it still doesn't work, take it to a shop for testing if you can't do it. Other possiblities are a switch, relay, resistor, fuse, wiring. You can eliminate the fuse by swapping it with another of the same. You can try the "tap test" by rapping on the dash sometimes over the glove or on the blower motor itself, somteimes a weak motor may temporarily start working. Oh yeah, all blower motors aren't bad to change.

If it's blowing air, but only COLD air, check that your engine coolant isn't very low.

Sounds electrical, check the blower motor relay, although it may be switch or motor.

This happened in my car! After replacing the blower motor (it wasn't broken afterall), found that it wasn't getting power due to a faulty ground. This was right behind the a/c heater radio console.

With the fan only blowing at the 4 setting indicates the resistor need to be replaced. The resistor controls the flow of electricity to the motor, w/ the 4 setting not limiting the current at all, which is why you the fan works at that speed. I'm in the middle of trying to fix my blower too, but so far no luck. I've replaced the motor, but nothing's changed. The volt tester shows power to and from the motor, but no movement. I'm not sure what else I can check at this point.

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I guess the real first question is do you have a set of A/C gauges? If so, what are the pressures for the system? Just a thought that maybe the system has a leak and it is leaking out as fast as you put it in....Just a thought.

After that maybe the low pressure switch??

That's what I was thinking, bad leak??
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