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Guest plym69

Hifolks, Looking for a speedometer but not having to much luck. There is a used one on ebay but the price is awfully steep and the mileage is considerable higher than what is on my car. Does anyone repair these things? Ken

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Guest Lee_M


simply search this forum for "speedometer" (quotes not needed). you will find a wealth of info on replacing/repairing the gears in the speedo head.

larry "pink" & "floyd" houle outlined most of the resources pretty well a while back. here is his post...

I found a You-Tube video to be very helpful. The only thing I did wrong was when I put the speedometer on I put it on 4 mph to slow. I don't know if I want to take the dash apart again.

I replaced both the 16 and 20 tooth gear from

Odometer Gears - WELCOME

This is the youtube video referenced by Odometergears.com

YouTube - ‪Odometer_ Gears_Replacement_Chrysler_TC_by_Maserati.avi‬‏

A copy of instuructions is availble on the Yahoo goup site. The document has many pictures that are helpful in removing the the dash to get at the odometer gears.



Larry Houle

Former Physics Teacher

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Guest My TC Toy

What is exactly not working in your speedo head? Is it the speedometer itself or only the the odometer?

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