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1936 Packard 120 Convertible Coupe Sharp Older Restoration

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SOLD SOLD SOLD 12/9/2012

This 1936 Packard 120 Convertible Coupe was just purchased from the same collection as the 1939 La Salle Convertible Coupe that I also have listed for sale. Like the La Salle, it is an excellent and accurate older restoration (probably done in the late 1980s or 1990s) that has been owned and well maintained by the prior owner from the mid-1990s until just recently. The car was assembled at the Windsor, Ontario, Canada Packard Plant and sold new in Victoria, BC. The car retains its original Packard data tag. This is a very straight and extremely solid car. The fit and finish is excellent. The paint shows little wear and has great overall and consistent gloss with no bad areas. The chrome is excellent as is the leather upholstery, top, rumbleseat, glass, etc. The car runs and drives well with a quiet engine and a nice and tight chassis. The chassis is nice and clean and will detail out nicely. (The engine photo is before we cleaned the engine, it looks much nicer now!). This is a very presentable car that can be used as-is or would easily clean up to the next level.For long distance driving, this car has been fitted with an overdrive transmission. The 1936 120-B Packards are great driving cars with their 120HP straight eight engines and hydraulic brakes which make it a breeze to stop. Many driving enthusiasts believe these early 120 Packards handle better than the larger series models and after driving this car, I understand why. It is a very nimble yet light car to drive.Located near Ann Arbor, MI. Please call 734-730-4274 or email: motoringicons@hotmail.com to schedule a viewing or for more information. Thanks.











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Rusty 12- Thanks for sharing that link. I know both of those locations in Windsor but never knew they were former Packard sites. Interestingly, they are only about 25 miles or less from the Detroit plant on East Grand Blvd. but a whole country apart! I would assume the bulk of the assembly was done in Detroit and just the final assembly done in Windsor? Must of been quite a site back in the day to see Packard parts shipped across the bridge via truck or on a boat across the Detroit river.

We've been cleaning this car up a little and it is cleaning up nice!




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Very nice car. Having driven a similar car, I agree, lots of power and less weight than the Senior cars. My '38 1604 Super 8 convertible coupe has plenty of power, but analogy from a horse's perspective: it's the difference between walking free (120) and knowing you have a load to pull with a plow behind you (Senior car).

Good luck on sale, you come up with some great cars....

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