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I attended an auction last evening where a number of Crosleys (and an Allard) were sold. There was a decent Hotshot (restorable) that went for $1,700.00 which I thought was a fair price for the car. Next was a 47 pick up that I thought was almost too far gone to restore . It was on the border for me, but sold for 700. Finally there was a 47 convertable, that sold for 1,100 which was probably a fair buy. The last 2 were bought by the same guy who promised they would be on e-bay almost immediately. The Allard was a project but I thought a good buy at 17,500.

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I agree that it is just a start, but I have always maintained that Crosleys are still the lowest priced entry into the antique car hobby. There is something for almost everyone in the Crosley line, from sports cars to family wagons and everything in between. There are military vehicles, sports utilities, farm impliments, you name it. As far as cost, if you do everything yourself, and Crosleys are so simple you can do or learn to do almost everything on them at a low cost, you can still find and restore a Crosley for under $7,000.00. Of course, if you get into one of the special or very low production models, or farm the work out, the costs will be higher depending on what you decide to do. As this weeks auction proves, they can still be found and bought at reasonable costs.

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