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stromberg carburettor

dale collins

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I have a 1937 Packard 120 c convertible coupe,which I've just finished restoring.Everything is fine,except after starting the engine and running for even just a couple of minutes,when I switch off,fuel drips out of the inlet manifold drain pipe until the fuel bowl is empty.Have checked the fuel bowl level with the engine running,it is exactly correct,have even lowered the level,same result.Have cleaned and checked the Stromberg EE 14 carbie,economiser valve setting is correct and as far as I can see all looks ok.Put in a full new kit,no difference.When both idle screws are fully closed,engine seems to idle just the same and is running very rich.This means when starting the engine warm,the accelerator has to be held to the floor,and needs a fair bit of cranking to restart.anyone out there with experience with these symptoms able to help,it would be much appreciated.Dale.Australia.

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No power valve,only an economiser v/v at bottom of acc. p/p delivery,which is correctly set.Someone suggested to me the gas overflows when engine is stopped,due to build up of pressure in the line between pump and carbie,thus overcoming the float and needle valve.High volatility of modern fuel being to blame for this situation.Hard to accept this explanation if the engine is only run for 1 minute or so,and manifold and carbie and all fittings are barely even warm.Dale.

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Guest bills999

Check and see if the fuel bowl is empty

If there is still fuel in the bowl than the casting is ok.

You could try a fuel pressure regulator or bleed off the pressure as soon as you shut down the engine to see if that helps.

If that fixes your problem you need to take a look at the needle and seat.

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