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1991 convertible for sale 8000 miles

Tim Harris

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That car needs me. All these years and has only been enjoed for 8,000 miles, poor thing.

On the other hand some people may say it should be incased in a glass bottle and sit. for another 20 years.

PSS cars are made to be driven. If they were made to sit then they would have left the motor out.

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My guess it is 900619, 3rd Reatta convertible from the end of Reatta production. The pictures show 16way and CD plus being Canadian car, it is the only one in that color combination that has all the known attributes.

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You know, it amazes me how many very low mileage examples have been showing up over the past year or two now. To think somebody dropped $30-36,000 (the latter for a 'vert) on a car, even as nice and worthy of preservation as the Reatta is, only to let it go virtually unused for 20+ years, is nearly impossible for me to comprehend.

I get the mentality of trying to preserve something nice and unique, especially something of very high quality. I do that with vintage stereo gear, and with my cars to the extent my budget permits it. That having been said, these cars were very expensive when they were new, relative to the typical car price (and income level) of the late 80's to early 90's. I know some very well funded people bought them, and perhaps for that crowd it was more akin to chump change for a play toy. To me, 30+ large is real $eriou$ money and I couldn't let a investment like that sit; I am going to get my monies worth.

Nor could I resist driving the car on a regular basis, just to enjoy it. It is a great driving car, very comfortable and looks very good. It irritates me terribly when I cannot drive one of mine for an extended period of time due to the need to do repairs (91 is presently on inactive duty, it runs but needs a cam position sensor) so I can't fathom having an A1 condition car sitting gathering dust just to keep the mileage down.

Anyway, somebody should be very happy to snap this one up.


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My '91 white/flame red convert was also built for export. Full time fog lights, a/c plug coming out of the crankcase to heat the oil during the winter (not sure what that was called) and special adapter for a child restraint seat.

I remember this car came from a dealer with 30,000 miles on it and it had never been registered. These cars are out still out there I guess.

Hope this seller gets what he's looking for out of his car.

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