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65 Riv GS, New Addition to GM-Classics Collection

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Thanks... I appreciate the kind words and I have to say the car is well deserving with not a lot of credit on my part other than some common age maint needed after all these years. I got the AC/Climate all working to spec too, something Larry did not really need in MI. Helps being an AC tech on cars from this era too. Yes Larry kept that car nice for a long time. It took me over 4 years to get him to sell. Glad some of you got to see it years ago in the venues it followed. I hope to bring the car up a little notch without being intrusive under my watch too.

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Beautiful car.

I strongly recommend you reverse that battery, or install a "reverse post" battery in that car, to get that positive post/clamp away from the fender (and away from where the hood comes down close to that battery post).

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X2 What Jim says about the battery. I can speak from experience as to what havoc can result from the pos post being close to the fender. It's not the fender that causes the problem it's the brace on the hood that's too close to that + post.

If you look at some original Buick literature / advertising you'll see that Buick ran the cables between the caps on the battery and put the positvie post closer to the radiator. If you can't do that because of the new style battery tops, buy a size 27F instead of a 27. That puts the pos. post close to the radiator but at the back of the battery. The picture I'm posting is from a 1963 Riviera sales brochure. If you look closely, you can see a P on the post closer to the radiator. It show how the cable is routed between the battery post.

I saw quite a few cars in Monterey where the battery was installed incorrectly. I tried to advise evey owner I could about the hazards involved. Told them my story of the short and resulting electrical fire under the hood of my '63. Not a fun fix.


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