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Well 6 year later and 4 days of work, I'm ready for carlisle chrysler show

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Woo Hoo!! always a great feeling to finally be able to drive a project. My sig includes 3 (1 TC) that barely got to the 'on the road' stage before they proved themselves to be money pits that I didn't even try to finish. A couple of other ones were almost that bad but I finished them anyway, and a couple were finished and driven but sold before they became money pits.

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I spent time picking up parts that were the right color, right condition, etc, so i parted a wrecked 89, a rusty 90, a brakeless 89 and after all that fun, i managed to get all the parts, sold all the stuff i didnt want or need, and im still bursting at the seems with parts in my basement. At least i didnt destroy anything that was saveable. But in 6 years i changed the complete interior out and in 4 days i did everything else so i could finally drive it. Its strange as i have to be one of the youngest TC owners

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