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Good Zinc Content Oil for Our Old Buicks


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I have quarts of the OLDER Chevron Delo oil available for sale, in both the straight 30w, and the 10w30. This is the kind of high zinc and phosphorus content oil needed to protect our flat tappet Buick V8's.

This is the older Delo that has much better levels of zinc, than the Chevron Delo being sold in stores today. The oil industry formulation specs changed about three years ago, due to environmental regulation tightening. That means the current Chevron Delo and Shell Rotella oils now contain significantly less zinc than the oil I'm selling.

The quarts of 10w30 Chevron Delo I'm selling have approximately 1550 ppm of zinc...and the 30w Delo is even higher than that. The price is $5 per quart (12 quart minimum purchase). That price beats the speciality oil companies that serve the old car hobby by $2 to $3 a quart.

Shipping to Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota is especially reasonable because I can use Spee-Dee Delivery Service (about 20% less than the cost of UPS). Feel free to PM me, if you have questions. John

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