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Off topic but car people related..

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You may have heard about the fire here in Northern Colo called the High Park fire. It is at 43000+ acres so far with only 5% contained. The smoke is thick and my girlfriends house smells like a campfire in the livingroom. The most terrible part are all the people who have lost homes and property. One lady died in her cabin.

A friend of mine who also does some of my body work lives and works in Rist Canyon which is in the middle of the fire. He just moved back in to his house just 3 months ago after a fire in his house almost burned it down last year. 9 months in a hotel room while it was repaired and now this. I have been trying to locate him and still don't know what his status is. My fear is that his home and business may be lost, it doesn't look good. He is a super nice guy and is a car guy to be sure. So I am just asking that you toss out an extra prayer for him and his family. His name is Curt Rommel of Little Bear Autobody.

These pics were taken this AM about 20 miles south of the fire at my girlfriend's house...





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