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Guest brian j

Hi. I have a crapload of old & antique wheels of unknown origin. I am looking to find them new homes. I measured them, and will post the pics and dimensions. Do not ask me what car they came from, as i don't know. I would like $20.00 each wheel, and if you want them shipped it would probably be another $20.00 to do so. Or you can come and pick them up in Minnesota. If you buy all of what i have, i'll work you a good deal on them. You can call me at 218-310-7837, or email me direct at beelee167@gmail.com There are quite a few, and some felloes, and lock rings also........i'll post a few every day untill i have them all listed. Wheel #1 is 17 inch 4-1/4 X 5 hole, 4 inch wide. Looks like K-H.




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