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1955 RoadMaster and 1954 Centruy

Guest inchgallo

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Guest inchgallo


1955 Buick Roadmaster Sedan comes with a 1954 Century

Thats right two cars one price

The Roadmaster was an automobile built by the Buick division of General Motors. Roadmasters produced between 1936 and 1958 were built on Buick's longest non-limousine wheelbase and shared their basic structure with entry-level Cadillac

Between 1946 and 1957 the Roadmaster served as Buick's flagship

These were large, roomy cars, as much as five and a half inches longer in wheelbase and more than nine inches (229 mm) longer overall than in 1953. Roadmaster script was found on the rear quarters and within the deck ornament. Rear fenders had a blunted fin at the rear edge, with dual "bullet" taillamps below. A new panoramic windshield with vertical side pillars was used.[5] Seats had chrome bands on 2-door models and rear seats had an armrest on 4-door models. The front suspension was refined and Roadmaster's horsepower was increased to 200

Buick Century is the model name used by the Buick division of General Motors for a line of full-size performance vehicles from 1936 to 1942 and 1954

In 1954, Buick reintroduced the Century using the same formula of mating the smaller, lighter Buick Special body to its largest and most powerful 322 cubic inch V8 engine with the intent of giving Buick a performance vehicle

restoration projects

MORE PICS CAN BE SEEN ON www.grandmarais.ca

or mail Roadmaster@grandmarais.ca

phone 2047548886

located in central Canada easy drive

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Yep, just perfect....central Canada and "easy"drive. :rolleyes:

It does appear to be the better of the two vehicles. Judging from the paint, glass etc, it had to have been stored inside until not too long ago. I am wondering if it is a Canadian built car. Wondering also if it might, by a very slim chance, be a 3 speed. THEN,I would be interested. :)

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