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In SW Ohio we have many events to show our vehicle.


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In SW Ohio we have many events to show our vehicle. These are not AACA events but my 1931 Hupmobile always draws a crowd.

We have an individual who has a web page of events within 50 miles or so of my home.

Notes from Event Flyers

June 10th we had a concours d'Elegance held at Ault Park in Cincinnati to support the Arthritis Foundation. The Sunday car show is free to show your vehicle but spectators pay $25 the day of the event and $20 if purchased in advance. The are charges for the optional special events the days preceding. I planned to show my car this year but was preempted by the granddaughter's dance recital. With luck, next year.

AULT PARK Concours d'Elegance

Once a month two of the local communities block off the downtown for a free car show with about 300 car or so attending. They provide a DJ, food vendors, and the local restaurants do a brisk business. In the Country Cruisers web page you will see them listed.

Germantown Saturday Night Out

Cruise the Burg | Summertime Fun on Main Street in Miamisburg Ohio

ON the last Saturday in July there is a nice 12 mile Antique car parade with over 300 cars participating. The cars must not be hot rods or rat rods. A fellow I know had baby moon hubcaps on his 56 Chevy and he was not permitted to participate. If you register by July 20, it is free and $10 if you wait to the day of event.

AntiqueCars Home Page

Just outside of Dayton, there is a Friday free cruse in with 300 or more. Additionally, on the east side of Cincinnati, the is an even larger free Friday cruse in.

I have wondered if other areas have a wealth of car nuts?

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