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Guest Kingsley

From my perspective, there is too much overlap occuring between threads, post and signatures appearing on the Discussion Forum where they would appear to more appropriately in the For Sale Forum.

For some eight months or so now, I have been working on the project involving the transfer of GM donated protoype Buick convertible from the Ivy Tech Community College in Lafayette, IN, to the San Diego Automotive Museum. In the process, I have refrained from adding any mention of my involvement with my website and the parts I sell but preferred it to be a one line simple, unadorned signature.

It has been my understanding that the Reatta Resource Section was established to call attention to the various sellers of parts and services and perhaps an addition to a simple signature such as - "See Reatta Resource listings" would be more appropriate. If you wish to advertise that you are selling something, seems like it would be more proper to put it in the For Sale Forum.

It is my understanding that the present AACA format can only accomodate one stamdard signature so perhaps it would be more appropriate for a plain vanilla signature in the Discussion Forum and that signature be individually customized for placement in the Buy/Sell Section.

It would make for a much nicer Discussion Forum, in my opinion.


Member AACA, BCA and Reatta Division, BCA - Listed In Reatta Resource Section

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