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1916 Buick D-45

Guest TJDV

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I have been following Frencho's problems he has on his 1922 D-44 and his carburetor. I decided to take off my 1916 D-45 Marvel carburetor. It has not been touched in over 55+ years. I now have a problem. The intake manifold flange that is over the carburetor has broken off. I have the piece. Facing towards the front, the piece is on the left side. The carburetor was screwed into the piece and the right side was also screwed into the manifold. Question is do I take the intake manifold off (not high on things I want to do) and take it to a machine shop for welding. Or do I use something like JB Weld to put the piece back onto the manifold? I could put wax paper under the flange so nothing sticks to the heat riser.

I have used three cans of spray carburetor cleaner on my Marvel and that is on just the outside. I save the old cleaner and use a parts brush cleaner to work on the outside. Is there anything other than carburetor cleaner that I can soak the carburetor in to get the black/gunk off both inside and outside.

I am also looking for 1916 brake lever springs, right and left, if someone has or knows where to purchase, would be appreciated.

Much thanks<O:p</O:p

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G,day to all and TJDV

Your Carby should not have been screwed into the alluminium manifold in the first place Perhaps this was a repair to get it home after the flange broke off in earlier times Take it to the welding shop and let them Tig it all back together properly.Cold stick ons are going to fail when you are not ready for them to happen.

To clean your Marvel first take out the float.Take it round to the cyl head boys and have them tie it onto a wire and dip it in the tank that they clean VW cyl heads in Wash it off with hot water and it will be like new. Alternately dip it in Duco thinners or acetone but take out the float first. Brake Clean would also do.

Good luck!

Max Burke Nulkaba Australia

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