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Have I been AACA Touring Too Much?

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Well, we're home chilling out after 6 days on the road. Stu Allen and Company has kept us so busy last week, that Gloria and I never even turned the hotel room TV on!????:confused:

What? No news for a week? No Fox telling us that the world will end this fall if we do not vote correctly. No baseball, no horse racing, or even Nascar racing? Woah, what's going on here????:eek:

So, here we are sitting in our living room catching up on a little DVR work, then Gloria clicks on the old Nascar channel for the Pocono race and.....?????

What the heck? A Brand X cell phone commercial rolls across the screen, music blaring, "How are things on the West Coast" Been there, I tell Gloria. We were touring Northern California back in 2007!

Then, music continues...."All my ex's live in Texas!" Been there I say, in 2010-Sentimental Tour in Kerrville, TX.

next....... "Born on the Bayou!" Yep, will certainly be there in 2013. The Buzzy's (Buzzard Breath Touring Region) are having a New Orleans tour in that city, can't wait!

......"Colorado Rocky Mountain High" Ok, we don't have anything scheduled for Colorado yet guys. Never been there. Time for a region to step up here.;)

Am I nuts yet. Wait? The Nascar race just has a camera panning on the cars coming around the Pocono famous turn 3...?????? What the heck? A bug has landed on the screen! Really, right over the TNT logo! :eek::P

I tell you, I'm in TV withdrawals here in Virginia. A bug on the TV screen and we're laughing hysterically.

I'm getting a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning for sure.:o:p:D


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Marty's visiting the "Hotel Coco" this weekend, back from the tour, has been telling stories about what a good tour it was, sounds like y'all had a great time.

Of course, you know how Marty has such a hard time telling stories.....

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One thing not yet mentioned in all the info on the Sentimental Tour is that some of us got to gas up at $2.99/Gal. I heard it was even lower elsewhere but whether you needed a full tank or just a couple of drops, it was nice to see the price below $3 (even if it was just a "squeeze" below). I guess all the talk about $5 a gallon is designed to make you feel better about paying $3. Oh- and I think Wayne even won a basket of Virginia made goodies in one of the raffle drawings.


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Terry, Gloria brought that winning ticket. She even ate those New Market potato chips before I had a chance.

Funny how I've been traveling through that area all this time and never knew about even half of these companies.


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The Sentimental Tour was great - a big "THANK YOU" to Stu Allen, Doris Stone, and all of the many members who worked for so long to make it look easy

The choice of roads was fantastic, with hills and curves to make the drive a real pleasure. Our grandson is an AACA member. He drove his first National Tour in the '54 Caddy convertible, and is certain to continue the family tradition.

We missed having Matt and his family on the tour, and hope that David will start touring with us again -- he is one of the gents with whom we enjoyed AACA Touring going back to the 1970s.

We left the 1954 Caddy in Pennsylvania for some loving care prior to the Founders Tour which will be based in Altoona in mid-August.

The 1934 Buick is safely tucked into the trailer, and now it is "ON TO SHELBYVILLE" for the Dual Meet this coming weekend.







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