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Wanted information on Kritt motor car


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Don, The KRIT was a medium size car of its day, they made a standard chassis and an underslung version thar looked real racy for its day. There are photos in the Stardard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942. The AACA library may have some photos that you could get copies of. The KRIT logo has nothing to do with the NAZI party. That symbol dates back over 2000 years, and before 1933 was considered a good luck charm.

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Don,<BR>Here is the entry on the Krit from the Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile:<P>KRIT (1910-15)<BR>Krit Motor Car Co, Detroit, MI<P>Named after its designer Kenneth Crittenden, the Krit company was formed in 1909, but its first cars were marketed as 1910 models. Known as the K.R.I.T. in its early years, the Krit was a conventional 4 cylinder car rated at 22.5 hp, made originally as a runabout, roadster and surrey for 2, 3 or 4 passengers respectively. An underslung runabout joined the range for 1911, being considerably more expensive at $1200 than other models, which were priced at $800-$850. The Krit used the same 4 cylinder engine throughout its lifetime, though in 1913 there was a short-lived 36hp six which was sold under the name MCC. In 1911 they moved from their first factory, which had been the home of the Blomstrom to one just vacated by the makers of the Owen. Krit sales were severely damaged by the outbreak of war in Europe as they had relied heavily on the export market. They were bankrupt in January 1915; a rescue plan failed and the assets were sold off. A few cars were assembled from parts on hand in the spring. The Kritu used a swastika as a badge 'to assure the favour of auspicious gods', long before it had acquired Nazi connotations.

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