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on ebay as of today there is a pair of NOS 1940's Pontiac gas tank straps.... i had seen them a month or so ago,.. knew they hadn't sold, and so kept watching knowing that the seller would likely try again...... i am thinking that 1941,42, 46, and 47 are the same (but don't bet on me being right)... good luck!


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Inline Tube has your lines. They also do straps for just about anything, just call.

Inline tube - Online Catalog - Pontiac Big Car

If you find you need a tank, Tanks Inc has them along with sending units and straps. I did tank, straps, sending unit, and cap (smoothie) for my '49 business couple for $350 shipped. The straps had to be cut where they go through the hangers and I had to reuse my j-bolts as the ones they inluded were too short. Other than that, it was relatively painless.


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