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On 6/7/2012 at 5:38 PM, 1936 D2 said:

This is the actual tray for the '36 Dodge and Plymouth.

You have a nice looking reproduction there!





This is exactly what the battery box in my D2 looks like.    Mine definitely has some rot from battery acid and someone cut a piece of 3/4" pine board to line the bottom but it's definitely the same box.  Looks like it may have been a bolt-in part in whaich case I'll be looking for a good one if anyone has a lead.  I guess I could make a drawing of mine and see if someone could fabricate it.  I'll have to dust off my old GE-surplus sale drafting table.


I know I'm reviving a  5 YO thread.  Did anyone end up having this box reproduced?

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