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eldenbrock jets

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65 riv 401 engine. eldenbrock 600cfm with the next size bigger jets. that is what my mechanic recommended. "smaller cfm and larger jets". what is that buying me. i dont want a race car. i want the best gas mileage possible. would it be worth it to change to smaller jets. how hard is that. i have no documentation on the carb.

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Justin, I have bolted one of it's twins like the Compitition AFB on too many engines to mention including 401s WITH NO MODIFICATIONS what so ever. Just bolt them on and, adjust the idle circuit and GO. That's the beauty of those carbs..no screwing with them. <P>My truck has one, I just bolted it on and and it runs 14.64 at 95 MPH in the 1/4 which is pretty respecable.<P>------------------<BR>buickfam@aol.com<BR>Life long Buick Fan.<BR>1965 Skylark H/T<BR>1965 Gran Sport Convertible<BR>1948 Chevy Pickup with 401 Buick.

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