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parking brake

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I dont remember if it was on this site, but someone out there knows where I could find a replacment parking brake lining for the back of the trans. 1952 Plymouth. And others I am sure.

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I have a few new ones of different sizes here. Can you give me an approximate dimension of yours? A photo would help. Is it the standard bolt attachment in the center (9:00 position) of the driver's side and the opening opposite (3:00 position)??

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Thanks for the reply John,

Ill get some pics today.

I may be putting the cart before the horse. The Parking brake on the wagon doesnt hold very well and the one on the OD trans that I scored is shot.

It has dawned on me that the one that I have may just need some adjustment.

I will know more when I get the thing up on the lift to swap out the trans. That will all happen when my trans guy gets time to give it a look.

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