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'34 Lincoln grille machine bolts

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Any idea of where to find 8 slotted flat head machine bolts size 12-32 x 3/4" to fit the pre-tapped bolt holes that hold the grille on? It seems no one makes this size anymore....

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Wem, Call Dave Feather at Harvey's Supply Co. Johnstown,PA (800-326-8994 7:30am-5:00 pm East.) I know it's far away but I used to work there and we were a large fastener house. We had access to many odd size fasteners. You may have to buy a whole box of 100 but the price might be less than 10 pcs. at the aftermarket places. Can't say for sure if they're available but it doesn't hurt to ask! Might check to see if they are avail. in Stainless! Tell him Jim Page told you to call! Good luck! Are you positive of the 12-32? 12-24 is std. coarse thread and 12-32 is rare!

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