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hydramatic rebuid


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i am restoring a 53 muntz jet and it has a 317 mercury y block and a 4 speed automatic hydramatic transmission. i would like to have the trans gone through. does anyone no of a good source for a rebuild on a trans like this. the new shops all say yeh yeh we can do it but i am a little concerned that they have never even seen one.

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Be careful here, do you mean a Lincoln V8 engine? They came with a Hydramatic, the Mercury came with a completely different transmission.

The GM Hydramatic was used by Lincoln along with several other car companies outside GM. Also most GM makes. So there are lots of them around, there should be several Hydramatic specialists. I don't know of any off hand but if you look on the Cadillac and Lincoln boards they can help you.

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Rusty is right, you should identify what you have before proceeding, but I bet it is a Hydramatic with a Lincoln engine.

Where are you located? My favorite knowledgable Hydramatic guy is:

Steve Peluso

5201 Washington St

Roxbury MA 02132

Ph 617-327-2122

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