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Matt Harwood

1934 Rohr Type F Cabriolet by Glaeser *SOLD*

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I'm not even sure where to start with this remarkable automobile, which has history, exclusivity, and technical excellence as part of its resume. It is the third-to-last car made by Rohr (or Roehr, because I can't make an umlaut) before the company passed into receivership in 1935. It has a known history from new, with the first owner being a doctor who hid the car in the woods to prevent it from being seized by the Nazis. It is one of only 5 or 6 eight-cylinder Rohrs in existence, and the only one in fully functional condition. It is comparable in opulence, engineering, quality, and exclusivity to Horch, Stoever, and Mercedes-Benz.

It was found in Michigan in complete condition. Subsequently, it was returned to Germany where it received a 4-year, no-expense-spared restoration to the very highest standards, completed in 2011. It has been driven just 2200 km since it was finished, and during the 2011 Concours d' Elleganz at Schwetzingen Castle, near Heidelberg, the vehicle was judged "People's Choice" and at the Concours at Wackenbarth Castle, Dresden, Germany, where only Glaeser coachwork vehicles were permitted, it was second in its class. This year it has been invited to Brussels for the Autoworld Exhibit and the Concours in Baden-Baden.

If you're not familiar with Rohr, the car itself is quite a technical achievement. The suspension is fully independent, and the electrical system is 12-volts, with Bosch equipment as original.The chassis is a deep boxed one with a ZF/Ross Engineering steering system as in the Horch and other large Classics. The shocks are hydraulic double-action. The transmission is ZF with a correct G28 Freewheeling device, while the all-new exhaust system is stainless. Motor is a 3.4 litre straight-8 making 80 horsepower and using a starter/generator on a common shaft.

Inside, the beautifully restored leather interior features full instrumentation with hand operated fuel gauge, electric hot water heating, trunk lighting, interior lighting in two places, cigarette lighter and ashtray (lead crystal in the front) with wood casing in the rear to match the wooden caps on the doors and rear seating area. Dashboard is all-steel and painted in woodgrain to match the steering wheel and gearshift knob. The convertible top and all upholstery has horsehair base and the coil springs are encased in their own individual linen pockets. The seating, door coverings and all gasketing are constructed of various sized cord tubing which was then covered in charcoal leather as original.

Each door offers two sets of door handles so that the passengers in the rear could open the door from their seat and exit the vehicle. All of the window cranks and escutcheons have been remanufactured in shiny black Bakelite as original. All plating found on the vehicle is triple chrome as are all screws, nuts and bolts to include the entire under hood area. All screws are slit-type and the bolt heads have been smoothed.

Motor number 2007, chassis number 6899 and Glaeser Coachwork number 337-23.

The car includes a full history, restoration documentation and photos, and all related paperwork. Currently located in Darmstadt, Germany. A stunning, custom-bodied European Classic with advanced features and driving manners. A unique opportunity available for $450,000 US.











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Cool. I remember the beautiful Rohr that Edgar Rohr of Virginia used to own. I believe it was an 8-cylinder car, too.

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On 6/5/2012 at 3:20 PM, West Peterson said:

Cool. I remember the beautiful Rohr that Edgar Rohr of Virginia used to own. I believe it was an 8-cylinder car, too.


For those who don't know or remember who Edgar Rohr was, he was AACA's president in '63 and '64, and the onetime Mayor of Manassas, Va. 

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