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65 Wildcat Body Mount Question


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Hoping someone can point me in the right direction to find an exploded view of the Body Mounts for a 65 wildcat Convertible.

Or better still if someone has some good photos of the rear mount behind the rear wheel.

I'm looking at having the rusted metal mount housings/bracket ( or what ever it;s called) on my convertible repaired.

I've been told it's pretty common for them to rust out as they are directly in line with the rear wheel which would throw up all the mud and slush at them.

I bought a set of body mount a few years ago but as there are some variations in them I need to know which ones go in those rear mounts............there seems to be different sizes for different locations?.

These rear metal housing/brackets on my convertible are toast and need replacing...........the floor above them is fine, just the housing/brackets.

Does anyone make these? or will I have to shape some metal myself.

Also...does the mount bolt thread into the housing or not?

Anyone ?????????

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Thanks Rick,

Every little bit helps.

I will post a photo later today of the new mounts I have to see if anyone can identify which goes where.

Again, if anyone has clear photos of those rear mounts and how things go together then please post them.

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You might also check some Chevrolet sources. When I checked the casting numbers on the body mounts for my '68 5467, they were the same mounts used on same year Impala/Caprice convertibles. You might come closer to finding documentation on the Chevy side of things, I suspect, than "Buick only", as to the mounting configuration (not the frame diagonal dimensions!).

In general, the bolt should go through a large flat washer. The flat washer goes against the lower mount, which indexes with the upper half, between the body and the frame. I suspect the caged nut should be in the floorpan. I'm speaking in generalities, here.

The bolt should be a "flange head" bolt, with the black oxide coating (80 hour salt spray resistance spec, I believe) and a pointed, threaded end. Usually grade 5, but I like the idea of using grade 8 hardness spec for better life (hopefully). Other than the hardness spec, that's the bolt configuration that was usually used for GM body mount bolts.

Just some thoughts,


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