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HEARSE - 1939 Studebaker President - Parts Wanted

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PARTS WANTED: I'm the owner of a restored 1939 Studebaker President Hearse in Brisbane Australia. I am chasing mouldings to finish her the vehicle off:

1/ Drivers/passenger stainless strips that run horizonally along side of door

2/ The same short Cowl stainless dress strips (left and right hand sides)

3/ Die cast hood/bonnet mouldings (left and rights hand sides)

4/ Dashboard chrome "[" -shaped stainless dress strip

Any condition suitable for re-chroming. Any assistance/ leads would be much appreciated.

JACK SIM, Owner, Brisbane Ghost Tours - www.brisbaneghosttours.com.au

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Neat car. Looks like you are also missing the side mount and hardware? I assume that is an Australian built body? Are the front doors the same width as the production four door? If so the Commander door moulding would be the same. Pretty hard to get the front end mouldings for the President since they are unique to that year and model only. Joining the Antique Studebaker Club and running a FREE ad in their magazine might bring some results.

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I've been selling some NOS studebaker stuff on ebay lately. I don't think I have the stuff you need but I have been listing some 39 President stuff. You might want to check it out. I ship first class mail to australia at cost. There just might be some little thinks you need to finish your car off. The opening bids are usually a good deal and no reserve. Seller ID randyshotrods.

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