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I have a 28 victory six with a stromberg carb with failing metal. I have read on other post that a detroit lubricator brass carb would be a good replacement as it was also used on this car. Question... which model no. and is this carb also called the stewart carb? Any other suggestions and would be interested any unoriginal carb to at least get this running. Would like to restore to original.

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In 1928, Dodge used the Stromberg TX-2 (early production), Stromberg UX-2, and the Stewart (division of Detroit Lubricator) carburetors as original equipment on the Standard and Victory 6 engine.

The Stewart used was the model 25, identification number 850.

Another brass carb that makes an excellent choice would be the earlier Stromberg OX-2.


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The Stromberg TX2 carburetor is similar to the Stromberg T2 carburetor except that the bolts attaching it to the intake manifold are located at right angles to those of the T2 carburetor whose two attachment bolts are aligned parallel to the engine crankcase. The T2 was made of Pot Metal which made a good casting metal but subsequently deteriorates significantly with age.

The T2 carburetor was used on '28 Franklins, discussion about it may be found on the HH Franklin website in their technical postings. The general opinion is that it is dangerous to use a faulty (cracked) carburetor due to possibility of fire.

A possible substitute may be a Carter BB1 carburetor with an adaptor at the intake flange.

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