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Chandler-Cleveland Club Newsletter

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To all Chandler-Cleveland Club Members if you do not receive our May 2012 Newsletter which was mailed last week please contact our Treasurer George Edwards at Yenko8015@gmail.com to check your membership status.

We just dropped form 118 to 60 members. Please make sure that your membership is up to date. Dues are $15 per year and you receive newsletters and updates on Chandler Cleveland automobiles.

If you did receive your newsletter we would love to hear your feedback. Contact your editors: Roger & Shelia Chandler chandler29@charter.net


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Great newsletter! Glad I was able to get my copy and thanks for the reminder to renew so I don't miss anything. I love all the vintage photos you have included. Will you be posting updates on the car Registry in future issues? All you Chandler-Cleveland owners out there don't forget to post you car's info for us all to share!

Thanks Editors

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