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I guess this is the best spot to post this stuff. I went on a trip on Sunday to Northeast Pennsylvania to purchase a Pre war Crosley. What I found amazed me. This gentleman has a wide assortment of teens through 60's cars. He had over 75 Hudsons including 3 pickups. He had just about every make you can think of. By his statement over 800 cars. He is selling parts and complete cars and everything is for sale. He will not allow you to take parts yourself, but call him and he will tell you if he has it and what it may cost. He also had several barns full of parts including a lot of NOS stuff. He claimed to have a lot of Pierce Arrow parts that he bought out of New York . He had whole sections of barns filled with doors, engines, wheels, exhaust systems, etc,etc.etc. David was very reaonable to work with, but he knows what the stuff is worth. He is negotiable, but knows the difference between an offer and an insult. He asked me not to send him any crazy people. He also has several very nice original cars that are in another barn. There was a 26 Chevy that was really special.

David Rapp- Starlight Pa. 570-798-0390

I have attached a couple of pictures, and I have many more.




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Near Starlight Pa. Off a dirt road. Don't go until you call and make arrangements. I didn't SEE any Packard limos, but then I didn't SEE about 80 % of his cars. I did see a couple of ambulances one was a Pontiac and the other a Caddy.

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On the subject of what he has, again, I suggest giving him a call and asking. He is pleasant to deal with and he is passionate about not crushing anything. I don't think he will just "let you walk around" but he will give you a ride in his truck up to whatever you want to look at. I don't think he is thinking about retiring, he just felt it was time to cut back a little and let some of the stuff go.

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"Don't go until you call and make arrangements."

This is an understatement. Mr. Rapp is a very pleasant and affable gentleman once he gets to know you and feels comfortable with you. He is a retired Metro NY Policeman, and doesn't take ___ from anyone.

He also has a "real-world" sense of what stuff is worth.

I accompanied a friend up there a couple years ago, and it is quite the trip, to say the least. Every vehicle up there has a story behind it. I wound-up coming home with a set of of 21" Model A wheels with 5.25-21 ACME tires on them... wasn't expecting to, but he "made me an offer I couldn't walk away from"...

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Based on the pictures and write-ups of Dave A and others I ventured to Starlight Pa and met David Rapp. The inventory was absolutely amazing and all, that others described. David was super nice and knew ,with 800 cars, where everything was. I was able to get a long list of parts I needed to finish a 41 Plymouth P 12 Staff Car Project. He was super knowledgeable and even more patient with me . No one mentioned the wild band of 100 or more small ponies that help maintain the 300 acre converted dairy farm. When you take a moment to look up from all the amazing cars the rolling hills are simply breathe-taking.

Call first David !!!

He respects his families privacy but if you setup a time he takes on your parts list like it was his own project.  

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