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1937 Dodge MC help


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i am very new to this forum and was wondering if I might get some advise. I have several 1940 era Dodge trucks, and have been looking at a 1937 MC. I took some pictures of this truck and am trying to attach. One point of confusion is that the dash has the two large gauge clusters that are correct for a 1938, but the VIN and engine numbers are correct for a 1937. I assume that this might have been late 1937 production and got a 1938 dash?? Or could it have been changed??

The grill is damaged and the front bumper is missing. The rear fenders are cut off on the front edge. Any thoughts about these parts, and overall value for this truck? Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Vic Panza, Pittsburgh











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The dash in your photo of the 1937 MC is correct for both the 1937 MC and the 1937 RC. The 1937 and 38 dashes were identical as were the cab, fenders bed and engine. The main difference between the two years were changes in the grill and hood side panels.

The original engine block would have the letters T38 xxxxx on the side boss located on the upper left hand corner of the ignition side of the block by the water pump and just below the head.

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Thanks for your comments. After posting this, and doing some additional reading, I figured this out!! There is some confusing info in one of the books I was using, and they actually have an error regarding the dash boards. With any luck, I'll close on this truck in the next few days.

Might you have any suggestions on a few of the really hard parts such as the front window crank, bumper and rear fenders??


Vic Panza

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You are correct. There is a misleading drawing on what the '37 Dodge truck dash looks like in one of the books. I think it is in one of Don Bunn's books on the the restoration of Dodge trucks. The drawing shows the dash of what appears to be a 1936 truck.

I'll give you advanced warning that the windshield crank, window cranks, door handles and front grill parts are extremely difficult to find and if found can be very expensive. The hubcaps are also hard to find as they are not being reproduced. It looks like your tailgate may be in good shape. That is good as they are hard to replace.

Measure your block length. It should be the longer 25" block that was used in the '37 and '38 Dodge MC and RC. The longer length allows you to drop in a 265 CI engine without any major modifications (the original block has a displacement of 218). Engine parts are much easier to find. The newer 25" blocks have provisions for full flow oil filters. Overdrives and 5 speed T-5's can be substituted for the 3 speed.

Kits are available for redoing the interior.

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Thanks again. I assume you have one of these trucks?? The engine and VIN numbers are correct for the 1937 year, (T38-28365). I am more inclined to try and restore the truck to original condition, and rebuild the original motor. Have been scouring the parts books and see that most of the drive train and brake parts are available. It's always those body and door parts that are a killer. I have some leads on missing parts and have resources available to make some items.

I am selling off my 1946 and 47 Dodge trucks, and really focusing on the 1936-38 series. I was thinking that it might be interesting to start fabricating parts for these trucks as there are so many items that are just not available. I have a relationship with some folks who have a huge machining business and have a large network of fabricators, etc. They think that they can get grills made, and other parts that might be desirable.

Love to chat with you sometime if you have one of these trucks, and/or have some interest in parts, etc.



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Guest 1938RC

Just to advise you on the218 long block(25')

The valves are not the same diameter as a 218 short block (23")

I had a few places send me the wrong ones until I found this out, the suppliers didn't know and at that time neither did I.

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