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Touring can be a Spectator Sport!

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Well guys, Gloria and I are packing up for the Sentimental Tour in Virginia. We leave at noon. While tidying up my e-mail box, I found an e-mail from Alice Cameron, registration chairperson of the Reliability Tour, which is centered in Richmond Virginia this year. She sent me a link to one of our stops during the week.

Now, everyone who knows anyone, knows Reggie Nash. Reggie is famous in the Richmond Region AACA as the "ice cream king" during their region's summer picnic. Ok, well, he's my hero anyway, even though I have never sampled his ice cream. :P (I will make it one day, honest Reggie!)

Check out Reggie's cars in the you-tube above, cool stuff.

By the way, I have registered for the Reliability Tour with the Richmond Region, and I'm really looking forward to it. I do not own a car in this year range. Gloria is really upset that I will be experiencing another different year era of antique automobiles. Darn, I hope I don't find anything I really like. AACA members are sneaky like that. They invite you to their activities and before you know it, you own another antique car.

Gloria is still blaming Earl Beauchamp for getting us in this mess in the first place. All of Gloria's flowers are dying, her garden is a mess, just because Wayne is never home anymore, out messing around with old cars.

What's a girl to do? "I know, I'll join Wayne on his pursuits, to heck with the flowers!":D

I'll see if I can do a little diary work again....stay tuned!

Wayne-I'll be a spectator this time.

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A little window shopping never hurt anyone!

The 2012 Reliability Tour, (August 27-31) will be awesome - (so will our 43rd Annual Car show and Swap Meet at RIR - 6/16.)

I bet we can find you an open seat or two for August.

Andy Fuhrman

President (still!)

Richmond Region AACA


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