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Vintage Duesenberg Brochure - Real or Early Reprint?

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Hoping a fellow literature collector can help shed some light on a recent find. I purchased a very large collection of early literature recently, with items dating back to 1901 to as recent as the 1980's. Most of the early pieces are unquestionably original, including some very rare and valuable pieces (e.g. a 1907 Packard brochure). However, the collection also included some high quality 1960's/1970's Rolls Royce Owner's club and Clymer reprints of early brochures.

The item I am uncertain about is this early 1930's Duesenberg brochure (see photos). There are a couple currently listed on eBay in considerably worse condition than mine and the appearance is otherwise identical. My brochure is in excellent condition with some light wear, but I do have many items from this era (and even earlier) in similar condition. There are no markings anywhere on the brochure to suggest it is a reprint and the paper stock / printing are very high quality and closely match the listed originals.

While I am 90% confident that my item is original based on the items it was found with, I also have some feeling that there is a possibility this is an old reproduction from the 1950's or 1960's. Is anyone aware of any reproductions done of this particular brochure? If so, is there any way to validate whether my find is an original or high-quality early repro?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!




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Guest prs519

I believe I too, have that brochure. Inasmuch as there are two more on Ebay, I stronly believe that

we have reproductions (but remember, someone must have had an original in order to make repros)!

My brochure has pics of bodies available that I highly doubt were ever actually built. Someone once told me this repro was made as a gimme for part of one of the clubs annual events. I do not know for

sure though.

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