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1988 Reatta - Daytona Beach Fl.


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I took a look at this '88 White/Blue, 6 way seats, white bumpers and side molding with 95,000 miles. Data base shows mileage of 68,000 in Dec. 2003.


Vin #: 901503

It is in surprising good condition. Very good paint, no noticeable dents

at all, good glass and encapulation of front and back windows is excellent. Less wear and tear than I would have expected on the inside. I would rate the interior as just at very good up from just good. Clean trunk and quite a clean engine - normal very light gunk.

A strange wire extending from the relay center in under the shield

over the radiator leading to... ?

The title listed the last owner as a Palm Coast Fl resident.

I spoke to the manager for a moment and mentioned the Reatta

discussion group. He seemed interested.

Here is the address:

Riviera Auto Sales South

266 Ridgewood Ave

Holly Hill, Fl 32117


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When I looked at the inside I was focused on anything out of the

ordinary. Didn"t notice anything unusual, damage or excessive

wear and didn't specifically look at the suede. The aluminum

on the bumpers is near perfect. During a short conversation,

the salesman said the cruise contral was not functioning.

As an aside, another item that I was not aware of is the washer

setup. There is a separate nozzle for that and is not part of the

windshield wiper as my '89.

I was very surprised the whole car looked quite quite good.

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