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55 RM front door window channel rubber


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As part of replacing both front windows on my 55 4DR Roadmaster, each being cracked, I am replacing the window seal trim pieces. Thankfully the seller of the car included two brand new windows, custom cut...

Upon removing the window on the driver's side I noted that the support channel is badly corroded. I am looking to replace it and suspect this is the best option...

1955 Buick Restoration Parts Window Sash Channel - Door - 10-045X

This is the channel into which the window sits and is held seemingly just by some rubber.

I also want to replace that rubber that sits inside that channel. It is difficult to see whether this is the correct product, has anyone else replaced this piece and am I on the right track with the link below?

1955 Buick Restoration Parts Window Sash Channel Filler - Rubber-Cork 1/32" Thick - 10-041X

Many thanks,


PS: Just removing the interior door handles and window cranks to get the door panel off is probably the trickiest job I have performed on a car recently!

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Restoration Specialties stocks the channel also, item 7011S. It's about $6 less expensive. The cork rubber is the correct stuff but comes in different thicknesses. I suggest you you get some samples in different thicknesses to your local glass shop or take the channel and glass and let them suggest the right stuff and buy it from them. If you install the glass in the channel yourself use Windex as a lubricant..........Bob

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