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Guest BRANCH6424

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Guest BRANCH6424

Hello I have a 1953 chrysler town & Country Stationwagon and it has a FlatHead 6 .

I put New Rear Seals in it because it was leaking Oil and Now is leaking oil alot out of a Square Screen on the right side of the Motor,down below the transmission.

i dont have no idea what this screen does or why it is Leaking

if anyone has any ideas or Suggest Please Respond.

Also if anyone has a breakdown picture or diagram of the motor and area im talking about that would be awesome..

Thanks alot...

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Guest Bob Call

The screen is a vent in the bellhousing. Sound like your real seal is still leaking. Go to the Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge and/or Plymouth forums and ask about replacing the real seals in your Mopar flathead.

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