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Guest Drew_Thomas

I have a near set (missing a few ut also has duplicates) of automobile quarterly for sale. These books are in fine condition and some have never even been opened. They are a priceless set that will make any automobile enthusiast happy for quite a while.

If you have any interest at all please email/pm me and I will gladly send photos, and greater detail on the over all condition as well as the number of books. Thanks for your time


*note: I would prefer to sell all of these books together as a semi to almost complete set rather then separate them.

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A long time ago (think early 1980's), a good friend of mine who was a serious car collector gave me some advice.

He told me not to worry about keeping car related magazines, but buy a set of Automobile Quarterly, keep it current, and you'll have all the good reading you need about antique and Classic cars.

I bought a set and it's still complete, have kept it up to date, getting to be quite a few volumes, but well worth the space it takes!

Hope your AQ's find a good home....

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