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1930 Chevrolet AD Tire Change Question


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Looking at a 1930 Chevrolet AD Model 1/2 Ton PickUp, How do you change the Tires/ Tubes on this model. Do you need to use a Rim Spreader/ Tool. I have a pictire of teh Tire& Rim from the Chevrolet and also the tool I believe I need. Can anyone confirm or correct me in my thoughts.

All Help would be Appreciated.

I do NOT have the Chevrolet in my Possession Yet... But looking at the pictures does not look like the rim has a Split, but could be optical illusion or hidden.



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Simple enough, I have a similar disc wheel setup on my 1926 Pontiac. There should be a split in the rim. Just jack it up and undo the four wheel nuts. The rim may need some help to come off if it has been there a few years. Lay it on the ground, deflate the tyre and jump on the tyre to break the bead and then fit the rim tool and compress the rim enough to let you extract the rim from the tyre. My 13 year old son can do it.

I guess it is always possible that someone has welded up the rim so that you take the whole wheel off and have to put it on a tyre changing machine.

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