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Carburetor Specification Manuals 1925 UP

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If you're lightening ship, so to speak, I acquire (or try to, depending on the exchequer) old replacement engine/clutch parts catalogs that list any of trucks, tractors/ag eqpmt, const/ind'l eqpmt by make/model (and hopefully year, at least for trucks) AND engine ID, like, fr'instance

Century-Defiance GL3 1924 Cont 8R

Old reliable "D" 1921-29 Wauk EU

Monarch "C" 1924-29 Beaver JM

I'm fairly well covered on 1930 up trucks, need more Ag/Const/Ind'l and trucks etc from 29 back.

Have a few 30s catalogs to trade that have no engine ID if of interest.

No ack/reply necessary if nothing in this line. Many thxx!! Bud

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