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89 Hood liner installation


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I found a red 91 TC in a junkyard. It is very well picked over, the only thing left is body panels.

I removed the hood liner for my 89.

Unfortunately the 90/91 hood liner was installed with plastic plugs. The 89 had foam glued to the hood.

Has anyone installed an 90/91 hood liner onto an 89 TC. Any advice or pointers to make the job easier.

The 90/91 hood liner has the cool TC emblem. and I would like to install it on my 89 TC

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called TC parts yesterday 250$ for the 89 liner and 19$ shipping. talk about taking it over the barrel with no lube

Completely agree with you. That's why I started the other thread to try to get the template and logo image. "Gonzo" who does custom liners for other car makes with their brand's logo (sells exclusively on eBay) is ready/willing to do something similar for us. His prices are under $100.

I don't need something that is completely stock but I also don't want something that looks some monkeys with scissors and glue slapped it on there.

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the stock 89 liner has no logo or anything, its just egg carton looking and thats the correct liner for an 89, the 90 has a logo. i'd like the correct looking liner rather than something custom. also has to be light enough to spray glue in place cause thats how the 89 was affixed to the hood

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