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What are the odds?


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Yesterday morning I answered a call from a fellow in Toledo OH, because he did not have email, saying he was looking for an IPC. I gave him a price which he thought was too high and said he would scour the junk yards, but then in the course of our conversation he mentioned he had an extra windshield for sale. I told him if I heard of anyone looking for a windshield in his area that I would send them to him.

Later yesterday afternoon I received an email from someone I knew in Toledo OH looking for a windshield.

They will be getting together this weekend.

Funny thing though, the guy who is selling the windshield who thought my price for and IPC was too high is selling the windshield for more than I told him I would sell one for. ( I won't ship one is the reason I passed on the information.

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Guest BobbyBubba

Jim- you did your "Good Deed". Your kindness- hasn't been forgotten. All- will be tallied in The End.

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